Student Activities

Month Wise Activity Calander Session 2019 – 20



Educational Tour & Visits

The School organises an educational tour / Excursion of three / four days every year. It is compulsory for the students of higher classes to attend the tour /Excursion. Apart from these the school organizes the visit to the various Govt. offices like Post Office, Police Station, Bank and Fire Station etc to foster a healthy image of these govt. offices and inculcate good civic sense in the children. Also, This help the students to understand the functioning of these offices which will be helpful to them for their future.

Sports & Extra Activities

Sports activities are arranged according to the sports calendar given in the diary and the prizes/medal are distributed to the achievers in the Annual Function. A series of well organized and coordinated activities emphasizing on the physical and mental development of a child is conducted every month throughout the session. Activities like Quiz, Declamation Contest, Art and Craft, Flower decoration, Greeting­ Card and Poster-Making, Rangoli, Singing / Dance, Fancy-dress, Calligraphy, Recitation, Reading, Decorating Display-Board Competitions, etc., help the students to hone up their inborn skills. A conspectus of activities is provided to the students in the beginning of year.

Celebration of Festivals

  • Diwali FestivalStudents of Sanchetna Public Sr. Sec. School celebrate each function. The festival of Diwali was celebrated in the school campus with great enthusiasm by the staff members and the students. Crackers were burst by the students and later sweets has been distributed to the students by the school Principal.
  • Republic Day CelebrationIndia became a Republic on 26th Jan. 1950. This day is celebrated everywhere with great pomp and show. Our school also celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. National flag used to hoisted by the school Principal. The variety program starts with the National Anthem followed by the songs and dances based on the patriotic themes, presented by the students.
  • Children’s DayThe school celebrated Children’s Day with great enthusiasm. There was a sports meet. The children participated in different games like Race, Kho-Kho etc.

Activities@SPS 2019

April, May 2019 (Bloom – Buds)

April, May 2019 (I – II)

April, May 2019 (III – V)

April, May 2019 (VI – X)

June, July 2019 (Bloom – Buds)

June, July 2019 (I – II)

June, July 2019 (III – V)

June, July 2019(VI – X)

August 2019 (Bloom – Buds)

August 2019 (I – II)

August 2019 (III – V)

August 2019(VI – X)

September (Bloom – Buds)

September 2019 (I – II)

September 2019 (III – V)

September 2019(VI – X)

October 2019 (Bloom – Buds)

October 2019 (I – II)

October 2019 (III – V)

October 2019 (VI – X)

November 2019(Bloom – Buds)

November 2019 (I – II)

November 2019 (III – V)

November 2019 (VI – X)

December 2019 (Bloom – Buds)

December 2019 (I – II)

December 2019 (III – V)

December 2019 (VI – X)

January 2020 (Bloom – Buds)

January 2020 (I – II)

January 2020 (III – V)

January 2020 (VI – X)

February 2020 (Bloom – Buds)

February 2020 (I – II)

February 2020 (III – V)

February 2020 (VI – X)

March 2020 (Bloom – Buds)

March 2020 (I – II)

March 2020 (III – V)

March 2020 (VI – X)