Admission: The admission to hostel will be based on the bases admission test conducted by the school authority and the marks in the previous class examination. The grant of admission will be for only one academic session. The allotment of the rooms will be the sole right of the school authority and the students will not be allowed to change the rooms, floor or hostel on their own. Hostler will have to follow the hostel rooms and regulations. In case if any student is fired from the hostel he or she will not be allotted any room in the hostel for the rest of the session.

Fee And Dues:  Hostel fee and dues are payable in advance. The security deposit of the student will be refunded at the end of the session. The mode of payment will be decided by the school authority and binding on the parent. Hostel dues will not be refunded in any case except caution Money and Security deposit. The following practice should be followed by hosteller:

  1. The fee and dues must be paid within the stipulated period, failing for which will result in cancellation of admission to hostel and seat will be allotted to the next waiting student.
  2. The Demand Draft should be in the favor of Principal Sanchetna Public School, Awah Devi, Payable at Awah Devi, Hamirpur, H.P. No Cheque will be accepted.
  3. The proper receipt should be obtained for the fee or any other dues made to fee clerk. In case the fee or dues paid on line the Proper Challan receipt should be deposited to Account head.
  4. NO advance payment should be made without the pre-sanction of the principal.
  5. Imprest Payment (Personal Expense, Medical Expense, Books, Exam Fee, Stationary Payment, School Uniform and clothing, excursions etc) made should be as directed by the School.
  6. No additional Payment should be given to students. Parents will deposit the Imprest payment to the hostel warden on account of the student. Student can manage the account for his/ her expenses. A coupon will be issued to the student on which student will have to sign before the purchase of the entity from the canteen and the amount will be deducted from his or her account. The account statement of Imprest money will be given to the parents when the student leaves the hostel. The balance amount will be refunded along with security refund at the end of Session.

Documents Before enrolment: The student will have to complete the following formalities and documentation before joining the hostel:

  1. Application on prescribed Performa showing their own details (Permanent & Correspondence address, contact detail etc. and the guardians (At least two) along with photographs who are authorized to meet the hostler during the academic session.
  2. A certificate from Parent / Guardian accepting the responsibilities as or when required.
  3. A certificate by Parent/ Guardian and student stating that no electronic gadget like / laptop/ iPad/ mobile Cash more than 500 / Costly belongings are retained by the student.
  4. A certificate authorizing the School authority to arrange School Activities, excursions, Lab practical, Cultural Activities and other development Programs during the school hour or after the school for the hostellers.
  5. Medical Fitness certificate of hosteller by the Medical Officer, authorized by the School authority stating the present health status and medical history of the student.