To form the boys youth organization of choice.


To nurture youth for the democratic setup of the nation and to maintain the Indian moral values and traditions.


The objective of the boy Brigade is to maintain the high Moral value among individuals of the school to become and behave an ideal student within and outside the school campus.

Promotion of the habit of obedience, Discipline, honesty, self respect and all that is need to be an ideal son, brother, student and overall a true human.

To promote the physical fitness among the Boys’ and to develop the leader ship character


Boys from class 3rd to 10+2 class form a Boys Brigade. This club equips’ our students high norms of the life and represent himself as a moral in the society.


Canteen, common room (Meeting point)


Teacher will observe the activity of the student, the way they communicate, behaves, way the help the needy and the way of acting in problematic situation.

The teacher will talk to their parents and peer group and find out the nature of the student in outside school life.

The discipline committee of the school will have to find three best students for Gold, Silver and Bronze level and will be honoured in School Annual function.