Dear Parents / Gaurdians and Students Public Senior Secondary School at Awah Devi as a one of the best institute. There is always a great need in the locality for the batter kind of the educational institute and the I feel proud to say that the SANCHETNA Public School is doing that. From the date of the establishment to the current time our faculty members impart the quality education to every Sanchetnian for the batter development of the life to achieve the goal in their life. I feel proud that every Sanchetnian after passing out get properly placed and attains the higher morals of life. Not only in the fileld of education but engineering, medical, Army, Air Force, Navy and Sprots, the doors of all the fileds are always opened for them. In the field of Sports, the Sanchetnaian represented and participated in the state Corff Ball Championship. They always brought the medals of the glory for the Institute. In other fields sanchetnians are always top rankers. I would like to congratulate all the faculty members and Sanchetnians for their appreciable efforts towards the success and thanks to the parents and guardians for their kind support.