Library Facility

The library plays a significant role in academic institutes. The society need library for importing better education, both formal and non formal. Accordingly efforts are being made and build up the library of SANCHETNA PUBLIC SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL. The library of Institute has total collection of 2000 books including reference books, text books, bound volume of periodicals, Science and IT magazine etc.

Working Hours

The library of School remains open from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM through out the year except Sunday and school holidays.

Membership, Registration & Borrowing procedure

All the bonafide students of SANCHETNA PUBLIC SCHOOL will be registed through their admission form & all the faculty members will be the member s of the library. The loan period of books is 15 days for all. All bonafide students can borrow books from library by showing their Lib. / Identity Card issued by the School for the academic session. It is compulsory for all the bonafide students of the school to borrow at least two books per month.

Fine and returning procedure of books

The students have to return the borrowed books in all respect in good conditions after the completion of 15 days period. In case of non- returning of the books, the student will have to pay the fine as decided by the school. In case of loss of book the student will have to pay the cost of the book or to replace the book of same author and same title.


The school has own well equipped labs related to different branches of Science and Humanities.

  1. Physics Lab
  2. Chemistry Lab
  3. Bio – Science Lab
  4. Mathematics lab
  5. Computer Lab

Psychology Lab

Physics / Chemistry / Bio – Science Labs
The school has well furnished, well equipped labs of Physics, Chemistry and Bio – Science, in which each student will have to work individually and instruction for working are supplemented with notes for reference of the students.

Mathematics Lab

The students considered the Maths as one of the difficult subject. SANCHETNA Public School is the first School in the locality providing mathematics lab to arose the interest of the students and to make the mathematical concepts more clear and understandable to the students by working in the laboratory. It is compulsory for all the students to work in the mathematics labs at least once a week under the guidance of teacher.

Computer Lab

The school has a well equipped Computer lab having eighteen advanced systems with networking and broadband internet facility on each system along with laser printing. The bonafide students of the school will have to work individually on the system.

Psychology Lab

Education is the modification of the behaviour. Psychology plays vital role in the development of the child. Keeping in mind, the development of students, the school has established a psychology lab where the students are examined for their maladjustment by the trained psychologist through different psychological tests.


Now a days for the harmonious development of the students, special stress is laid on the physical education and sports. In this regard the school has provided the facility of playground for the physical development of the child. The school has also provided the facilities of indoor table tennis, badminton, carom chess and outdoor games like volley ball, kho- kho and basketball etc.

Competitive based Education

The school is providing the Competitive based education from the beginning of the session and supplements the students with the study material. The students will have to pay extra fee for the study material only.

Hostel Facility

The school also provides the Hostel facility of the boys coming from far off places so that they can utilise their valuable time for the studies. The hostel facility is also available for the weak students three months before the examination for board classes.

School Bus Facility

The school is planning to provide the school bus facility for the bonafide students and staff members of the school from all sides up to the distance of 08 Km.