A Brief About Sanchetna


The Litrary meaning of SANCHETNA is “awakening from inner concious“. Today, the world is passing through the fourth industrials revolution. This encompasses genetics communication, robots lasers and the products incorporating the microchips. Developments in Computer technology have escalated the information revolution. These technological developments have reduced the world into a global village and increased the requirements of highly educated, technologically sophisticated and scientifically well-equipped manpower. At the same time the struggle at the international level to ever increasing and complex intellectual properties is creating an atmosphere where only fittest can survive. But unfortunately our educational structural and operational inflexibilities fail to cope with the market signals of competitive world. The courtyard of basic education i.e. Schools are finding it very difficult to meet the democratic aspiration of the expansion of educational system. The unfavorable students teacher ratio, lack of equipments in labs, the rare access of students to him, lack of trained staff and apathetic attitude of teachers have made the things worse. Man is always on the quest for the betterment around him. We are no exception to this universal truth.

Looking towards the emerging trends of scientific education, realizing our duty toward this nation which at some point of time was knowing for its educational setup and need for private participation in the education, we at SANCHETNA PUBLIC SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL drawing from Gorge Gritter’s noble words that, a duty which become a desire will ultimately become a delight, have made an honest attempt to accept the emerging challenges ahead; in the field of Engineering, Medical and humanity and IT education. We in the institute believe that the merger of communication, Computer and Science in educational network can become a powerful tool for producing young Scientists and technician, will offer more choices to aspirants and will help them to keep pace with the outside world. The people in the institute have vision and values and have sense of continuity and commitment. We believe in promoting scientific temper or culture rather then promoting science itself. For us reason is the guiding spirit and questioning existent practices as the bases instinct. For us education means forecasting of the personality through the unhampered development of innate qualities of human being. For us it means the awaking of intelligence and development of an integrated life. For us it is a mission and course, we will always welcome any help or suggestion from any quarter of life in this mission of human and national welfare.

For us educations is the self-discipline in the life and not hunt for the job. We believe in the development of 3 H’s (Heart, Head and Hand) and 3R’s and all round development of the students.

The SANCHETNA PUBLIC SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL is providing the quality education since April 2003 in the field of science. The Institute had started the classes from Nursery to 10th from April 2005. In the successive year the INSTITUTE is going to start the HUMANITIES (Arts) class. During this period the institute had given excellent results and the students of the institute had been selected in various fields of Eng. and Medical Science.