Pupils are creative and innovative learners, to be gracious and always striving towards the excellence of learning for the service in their community.


Pupils are little buds of scientific temperament, always searching the new ways to save nature and natural resources, acting as environmentalist.


Preparing kids for the environmental care, to communicate with others about nature, acquaint them environmental issues, to share new knowledge with other learners, learning scientific skills.


Pupils from Primary 9th  class and 10th class form a science club. Pupil will participate in research work, hand on activity and experiments, out- door activities, work on at least one project of daily importance.


School Science Room


  • Service Learning – To implement greening to school and home
  • CIP learning – Earth week activities, Science in game, Green Carnivals
  • Research Work – Recycling waste/Making Compost/Early scientist/Plants, Herbs and Insect
  • Presentation – Pupil to deliberate on their scientific effort and findings on research and experimental result.      


Teacher In-Charge will highlight the club achievement and find One male and One female pupil scientist of the club and they will be honoured in annual function.


  • Raised funding of about Rs. 1500 by making the use of recycled articles of paper and plastics
  • Visit the Himalayan National Park Kullu, to prepare the broacher of the park and do all the activities to make the people aware about the park
  • To implement the self watering system in the school.
  • Share the Environmental activity made by the club in the public and collect the remarks for the club.
  • Arrange the quiz about the science activity held in the academic session by the club
  • Preparing the general use article like soap.