The club will find the joy in learning and share with the fellow students.


To develop the supportive and stimulative environment in learning that will nurture every individual and develop the passion for learning for the lifelong.


To let the students to know how to produce the good video and animations using digital video camera and digital editing software.

Using the learned skills in making the animation movie/ children movie of the school to be presented on School Annual function for the duration of 10 Minutes using Digital Camera


Pupils from Primary 3rd class to 10+2 class form a Infocom club. Pupil will participate in Dram work, out- door activities, work on at least one project given to them and prepare the movie for the Annual function.


School Auditorium Hall


  • Digital Diary Competition – Display the Natural snaps from their own camera in competition
  • Digital Media Award –  Award will be given to one participant with best natural video clip ofduration 1 min.