To develop and nurture confident and expressive ENGLISH language speakers who can express their ideas and thoughts confidently in the public with fluency.


To develop the interest and love for the English language through Drama, News paper Reading, Report writing and letter writing etc.


  • To develop the English communicative skill among the students.
  • To increase the English Vocabulary among the students.
  • Working as a team and act as a News reporter of the school and read the school news of the classes in the Morning Assembly on the ending Day of the Weak.


Pupils from Primary 6th class to 8th class form a English club. Pupil will participate in Dram work, out- door activities, work on at least one project of daily importance.


School Computer Lab – I


  • Service Learning – To implement English speaking habit among the classes
  • CIP learning – Write the ten typical words on the Notice board with their use and application
  • Research Work – Write a small drama and performing on it for 5 min
  • Presentation – Read the character sketch of any one like William Shakespeare etc


Teacher In-Charge will highlight the club achievement and find One male and One female pupil speaker of the club and they will be honoured in annual function.