Terminal Examination

As per resolution passed in the parents meeting the Terminal examination for classes upto will be conducted ONLINE, the students 08Th to 12Th class willattend the hostel and continue the classes as per guidlines issued by the Govt.


School Parents Teacher Meeting is scheduled in School Campus on dated 29 – Aug – 2021. Only 150 Parents with Covid-19 guidlines will be allowed to attend the meet. – Principal

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“अच्छा काम करते रहो कोई सम्मान करे या न करे, सूर्योदय तब भी होता है जब करोड़ों लोग सोये होते है।”
“Keep on doing the good work even if someone gives respect or not because the sun rises even if millions of people are still sleeping.”

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“गलतियाँ जीवन का एक हिस्सा है पर इन्हें स्वीकार करने का साहस बहुत कम लोगों में होता है।”

“Mistakes are the part of life, but only few people have the courage to admit them.” 

Henry Ford Age

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”


Admission Announcment – School started admission for new session w.e.f 20 – 03 – 2023 onwards for all classes. Parents can admit their child and pay fee on line.
Job Application – Advertisment for vacant post had been released by School adminstration and interview will be conducted on 08 – 04 – 2023 for sortlisted applicants. Applicant who used school website for Job application will be considered only.
Annual Result 2023 – Annual Result of Non Board Classes and Internal Board Classes will be decleared on 26 – 03 – 2023 and available on School webSite.
On – Line Examination – School is starting On Line Examination for classes 5th onwards. Parets are requested to contact Admin for user ID and Password.



priSanchetna Residential Senior Secondary school
Dear Parents / Guardians and Students Sanchetna Residential Senior Secondary School at Awah Devi is a one of the best institute. There is always a great need in the locality for the batter kind of the educational institute and I feel proud to say that the SANCHETNA Public School is doing that. From the date of the establishment to till date our faculty members imparts the quality education to the every sanchetnian for the batter development of the life to achieve the goal in their life. I feel proud that every sanchetnian after passing out get properly placed…

Welcome To Sanchetna Res. Pub. Sen. Sec. School

Sanchetna Residential Senior Secondary School as a co-educational college cum preparatory school is committed to providing a child-centered education of superior quality. Enrolling students in Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, our objective is educating the whole child, while fostering intellectual, creative, social and physical development. Within a collegial campus environment, in small classes, and through extracurricular activities.

we encourage our students to participate actively in an educational community that promotes ethical leadership, self-reliance and critical thinking. Believing in the inherent strengths of a diverse background, we celebrate the cultural differences, individual interests and personal talents of our student body. More