Bond for Job

1.The Indemnity Bond for Job can be downloaded in .pdf or .docx format as per need. The bond is to be printed on Stamp Paper of not less then Rs 10/- and must not be signed below the rank of Neib Tehsildar. However in case of sacracy of time the same can be produced by Signing with NOTERY, but must be produced in orignal and signed by Neib Tehsildar in one Month from the date of issue of order.

2. In case of Post please leave the column blank and also not to select any designation if not clear to you.

3. The date of joining is the date of your actual joining the organisation.
4. The Indemnity Bond for Job is to be submitted in orignal to this office.
5. The bond can be printed on legal size paper and filled properly OR can be directly downloaded in .Docx format and printed on Stamp Paper by adjusting the text.

DOWNLOAD :             .pdf format            .docx format